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How Text Reminders Can Help Educators, Teachers, Tutors, & More

If you work in education, then you know how often your time gets taken for granted. People assume that, since you care about the success of your students, you’re willing to sacrifice your time, money, and personal life to ensure that happens. So, they’re habitually late for appointments… or they don’t even show up… or they forget to reschedule… and they just expect you to smile and nod.

But your time is valuable! And you don’t deserve to be treated like a doormat because you’re committed to the academic achievement of your students. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for getting walked on anymore.

Whether you’re educators, tutors, teachers, or administrators, text reminders can help you stay connected with your students and ensure they arrive where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. With appointment texts, you can quickly and easily remind your students of upcoming tutoring sessions and more.

Text Messages: The Best Way to Communicate (and Remind) Students

One of the advantages of text message reminders for educators, teachers, and tutors is how well they work for younger people today. Millennials and Gen-Z are notorious for preferring text messages to phone calls and e-mails. Text messages are read more often than any other kind of communication. And they’re so easy to respond to that you’ll be much more likely to hear back from your students if they can’t make it or need to reschedule.

So, what can text message reminders do for you?

Text Reminders Can Cut Down on Late Students

We’ve all been there before. You’re waiting for a student in your classroom… or at the library… or in one of your university’s meeting rooms, and the appointment time comes and goes. Five minutes pass. Then ten minutes. And right when you’re about to throw in the towel and walk away, they finally show up.

Unfortunately, you’ve wasted fifteen minutes that you won’t be getting back. And now, they’re going to expect you to stick around for the full hour-long tutoring session.

Late students can cost you money and time while creating piles of unnecessary frustration. But they don’t have to if you use text reminders. With a quality text reminder service, you can send out a text message about your upcoming appointment – the day before or the day of your meeting. This way, your student will be more likely to make the necessary preparations to arrive on time.

Text Reminders Can Cut Down on No-Shows for Educators

If late students are frustrating, no-shows are absolutely maddening. There’s no greater waste of your time than sitting somewhere for fifteen minutes or longer, only to call your student and hear, “I’m sorry, I forgot!” Not only will you be out of time and money, but you also won’t even have the opportunity to recoup any costs.

But with text message reminders, you can contact your students and make sure that they don’t forget. And if something comes up that forces them to miss, you can provide them with a quick, easy way to reschedule their appointment.

But That’s Just the Beginning…

Reminding students about tutoring sessions are just the tip of the iceberg though. Schools, universities, teachers, educators, and tutors can use a text message reminder service to send out other kinds of reminders, including…

  • Event reminders
  • Homework reminders
  • Testing reminders
  • And more!

When you take advantage of text message reminders, you’ll ensure that you save time and money – and that your students have what they need to succeed. So, contact Unlimited Reminders today at 855-533-1414 to learn more about how our appointment reminders can help you and your students achieve more!