Education Appointment Reminder System

Send out important reminders and notificaitons to your students.

Students would have a lot of appointments. And at the same time, they have to a lot of things in their mind that need to be taken care of, hence a lot of information is skipped. You will find a student always on a phone so it is best to send the notification so that they attend important events. If students do not receive notifications they can miss out on important events. With unlimited reminders, you can send notifications and reminders for an important appointment and get confirmation.

Reaching the students gets easier in no way other than unlimited reminders. This software comes with confirmation options that give time for your staff to refill the vacant appointment, which is a waste of time, before time.


  • Easy to use and integrable with all types calenders
  • Avoid same day cancellation and get time for other students
  • Let us look into the benefits of using unlimited reminders:
  • Free for a fixed period
  • Absolutely safe and under your control
  • Protects the safety of your client
  • One click sign up and forget
  • Same time and money
  • Decrease your cancellation
  • And an increase in sales
  • A multi-layered approach through text, voice call, and email
  • Great Value to practice
  • Easily reliable

Send reminders & Notifications with Unlimited Reminders

Unlimited reminders are absolutely safe and you want to know how it works, once you connect unlimited reminders to your calendar and create a reminder message, for your selected clients/students. Then you can set up a message to mind and schedule it. At the scheduled time unlimited reminders, send your clients the appointment over text, email or voice call. Further, it automatically updates to the calendar, if they go for a reschedule.

This automatic reminder software is easy to use and you can stay ahead in the game of saving time and confirming the appointment in a hassle-free way, without engaging in any work manually.

Unlimited Messages in Just $79/Month!