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Unlimited Reminders is the only automated appointment reminder system that offers unlimited opportunities with flat monthly fee and no contract. It helps you get rid of paper calendars and messy emails you keep forgetting about. Unlimited Reminders has a friendly interface which follows your instructions and automates the process of appointment reminder delivery at the right time.

Never Let Your Customers Forget Their Appointment with You

Service-based businesses have a huge obligation to keep up with their appointments. However, following-up becomes tiresome when ostensibly more important tasks keep arising every single day. No matter how hard you try, you forget and miss a few appointments. The most valuable and quick solution for any repetitive yet important task like appointment reminders is automation.

Customers value time over money. They don’t want to wait for your response and then presented by three further options. Instant, automated and real-time confirmations and appointment reminders provide your customers with the autonomy that increase the perceived value of your business.

Unlimited Reminders is such an automated appointment reminder system. It has an easy-to-operate interface which rescues you from missed opportunities and solidifies brand retention.

appointment reminder

Appointment Reminder with a Great Combination of Pricing and Features

Unlimited Reminders has an easy-to-follow process.

Set Dashboard

When you sign up, you are directed to the Unlimited Reminders’ dashboard. You can control and configure every reminder sent to your customers at the right time without any confusion and make changes according to your daily schedules. Here you can view live which customer has approved or declined the appointment confirmation as well.

Upload Files

Sync your contacts and other details with Unlimited Reminders’s database by uploading CSV/Excel files. It can also extract the information (name, contact number, appointment date and time) from linked virtual accounts. Categorization of your customers according to their status also helps you keep track of your new customers.

Appointments Management

The dashboard of Unlimited Reminders provides you with a complete control over your data and performance as well as offers daily reports. You can add and discard your appointments, change available time slots and automate your responses for coming days or weeks without any hassle.

Customize Content

Personalized messages make your customers feel like talking to a real person who genuinely cares for them and wants to solve their problem. You can customize the content of your SMS reminders, Email Reminders and Phone Reminders that you want to send your customers at the determined time.


Automate the follow-up emails, messages and voice notes for calls. Set the time of delivery and relax. Your customers will surely come to at scheduled time due to time-to-time reminders that never let them forget. They will have nice opinions about your business due to instant appointment confirmation and empathetic services.

Reminders that become a source of Getting More Appointments

Missed opportunities can wreak havoc on your annual revenue and productivity of your employees. Attract and maintain a good client base with an automated scheduling system and appointment reminders so that you never lose track of time. Your customers will add up the information and our system will follow-up to ensure reduced no-shows.

Our Signature Services Include

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Text/SMS Reminders

Call Reminder Services

Call Reminders

Email Reminder Services

Email Reminders

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Fall in Love with Your Work by Using Our Automated Appointment Reminder Software


Being productive and smart means using the right tools to address the right problems at the right time. Unlimited Reminders’s seamless integration and ability to figure out what’s important to your business. Makes sure that you get all the time to work on the actual business fall in love with it and make money.

Some important features of Unlimited Reminders are:

Easy to Use

This appointment reminder software has no confusing interface and no complicated operation. All you have to do is log-in, access your dashboard and do whatever you need to optimize the performance of your business and customer support.

No Contracts & Flat Rate

Pay a flat monthly fee and enjoy the leisure of being organized and productive anytime, anywhere. Don’t feel tied up and cancel your subscription whenever you feel like. However, we are very confident that our services will never bring you to that point.

Unlimited Messages

Unlimited Reminders is the only company that offers unlimited messages as a part of its automated appointment reminder services on a flat fee. You never have to re-subscribe or pay an extra stock for extra messages.

Instant Reminders

Don’t let your customers wait and wonder whether they should cancel their appointments. Send them instant confirmation and timely reminders. Don’t let them forget their commitments with back-to-back personalized SMS, Email or Phone appointment reminders.

No Quite Periods

Make sure you don’t have a mass of appointments scheduled in one week and nothing in the next. Organize yourself by setting up your dashboard and maintain the flow of customers consistently; every week, every month and every year.

Safe & Secure

Keep your data secure and avoid security breach or cyber-attack with Unlimited Reminders’s inbuilt secure interface. Our automated appointment reminder services are HIPPA complied and make it sure that you never feel vulnerable to such atrocities.

Automate Your Appointment Reminders, Sit Back and Make More Money

If you’re tired of those clunky and unreliable appointment reminder software that add up to your problems instead of solving them, you need to look around and save yourself. You deserve a peaceful time to deal with the bigger picture of your business. Your business deserves recognition and a loyal customer base. It needs to become a repeat business that people keep buying from and your customers deserve a friendly and instant support.

Let Unlimited Reminders help you rid of the calendar books and assist your customers to keep up with scheduled appointments.

Unlimited Messages in Just $79/Month!