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Appointment Reminders for Law Offices

Appointment Reminders for Law Offices

It’s no secret that lawyers lead very busy lives. With overwhelming caseloads, much of the day spent in the courtroom, and your clients’ quality of life to consider, there’s no time in the day for you to be calling around and trying to pin down your clients for their appointments. Our appointment reminders for law offices works well in all the areas of law - whether that’s civil or criminal. This software helps lawyers get in touch with clients without having to remember dates, send text messages, or make phone calls.

Appointment Reminders for Law Offices

If you run a law firm, this is a must-use software. Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent taking care of menial tasks that can be squared away with our legal client reminder


Unlimited Reminders acts as your own personal, automated schedule. It remembers the dates for you – keeping your schedule on as tight of a ship as you yourself would. Not only does it help you, the lawyer, keep your information straight, it also provides your clients with that same degree of organization. With an unlimited amount of text messages, phone calls, and emails, our software reminds your clients about their meetings with you. 


When utilizing our law firm appointment reminders for clients, there will be no more time wasted as you wait around for someone who’s never going to show up. Unlimited Reminders also gives a client the opportunity to cancel, reschedule, and schedule a follow-up. Miscommunication between parties will soon be a thing of the past.

The Benefits

The list of benefits is just as unlimited as Unlimited Reminders. The benefits include:


Our software integrates easily with Lytec, Office Hours Professional, and Medisoft

Easy to setup

It’s easy to set up

Increased Productivity

It increases productivity

Reduced No-Shows

It reduces client no-shows


It will never let your or your client forget about an upcoming meeting


It’s very affordable - unlimited everything for only $95/month

Multiple Users

It can support multiple users on the same account

Who It’s For

No matter what your law specialty is, Unlimited Reminders can make your life easier. This includes Law professionals, judges, paralegals, etc. Solo attorneys, attorneys that work by themselves, for themselves, rather than under a law firm. Law firms, a business that is engaged in the practice of law. Lawyers, business lawyers, criminal lawyers, traffic lawyers, divorce lawyers, immigration lawyers, etc.

Law professionals
Solo Attorneys
Law Firms
& many more...
Who It’s For

Automated Reminder System for Law Firms & Attorneys

The best part of using Unlimited Reminders for your law practice is that every action happens automatically, without wasting any of your legal time.

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Automated Reminder System for Law Firms & Attorneys
Automated Reminder System for Law Firms & Attorneys
Automated Reminder System for Law Firms & Attorneys
Automated Reminder System for Law Firms & Attorneys