Legal Appointment Reminder & Scheduling System

Remind Your Clients About The Scheduled Appointments, In A Matter Of Click

This automatic reminder software works very well if you want to reduce no-shows. It works well in all the areas of law, civil or criminal. It helps you to contact your clients even without remembering the dates or doing any phone call or text manually. If you’re a law firm, this is a must use software. It saves your time of remembering the dates and schedules and reminds your client automatically about their schedules meeting with you.


  • Be assured that your clients arrive on time
  • Integrate with all types of meetings and calendars
  • Supports multiple users on the same account
  • Customize your email for your clients
  • Reminds the appointment reschedulements
  • Reduce missed clients at court meetings
  • Increase your overall productivity
  • Encourage the customers to book online legal calendering
  • Affordable pricing
  • Create fully customizable client appointment reminder

Reduce No-Shows with Unlimited Reminders

The best part of using unlimited reminders is that every action happens within a click, without wasting much of your time. Unlimited reminders help you to run your business without much difficulty and manage all the hearings with the notifications.

Law firms can use this software for reminding both the clients and lawyers. This software follows a set of pre-created tasks and helps you to save your time. This software is very pocket-friendly and comes with a free trial period (if required).

Being integrable with Clio’ s  software has its own benefits, as you can manage all the work of your law firm sitting in the same place. One can easily Enhance the work schedule, leaving all the work to unlimited reminders and sit back watching all the work getting done just at a click of the mouse. One can Create auto updates and meet personal deadlines in a hassle-free manner using this software.

Unlimited Messages in Just $79/Month!