Counseling & Therapy Appointment Reminder

Reduce Your No-Shows With Unlimited Reminders! Send Reminders And Meet Your Clients On Time!

The therapy and counseling need to be done to your patients in a stress-free way. You can reduce your no-shows by 60%, just by using unlimited reminders. The therapists make a huge difference in a patient’s life, so they need to prepare the patients mentally so that they avoid same day cancellation or avoid you at the last moment.

Your business management schedule gets easier with unlimited reminders, also this is very easy to start as it offers Free Trial. This is also a no stress way to confirm your appointments from your clients.


  • Send a customized notification to your patients
  • Remind them of the next schedule
  • Secure online booking
  • Easy calendar access where you can change the dates
  • Multiple users and appointment handled in a single account
  • Protect your patient information
  • Easy to manage all your bookings in one go
  • Meets all the privacy standards
  • Reducing the manual work
  • Inform your patients through a voice call, email or text message

Using the unlimited reminder scheduling software you can give the therapy schedule in an easy way and reduce the pressure on your staff. A patient can easily go for online booking, and this is integrable with all your calendars that gives you easy access so that you have to reduce your time on remembering the details of the appointment. Counselors, therapist, and patients follow benefited by using appointment reminder as it is very fully customizable with an automated service. Balancing your appointment details get easier with unlimited reminders. And you can easily spend more time with your patients, helping them out. This is easy to use as unlimited reminders extract information from the calendar and so that the patients are on time and also they do regular follow up so that they keep coming back.

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