Appointment Reminder system for Healthcare Services

Never Let Your Patients Forget Your Appointment With You

A doctor’s appointment is very essential for the patients to remember. If you miss out the schedule it can be a serious problem for both doctor and patients. Unlimited reminders is HIPPA compliant appointment reminder software that helps both the doctors and hospitals to send out the appointment reminders to their patients. This comes with voice reminders, emails, and text message reminders.

There are many reasons why people forget their appointment, like a very hectic schedule in work life, giving you less personal time. If your appointment is scheduled long before you might skip the date on your mind. In these cases using appointment software to reduce forgetting is the best.

This software can be used by any healthcare professional, hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. This software automates the reminder process and informs the patient of the appointment. Using Unlimited Reminders reduces the burden on staff for the doctors and help them to focus on other important activities. This notification can be sent through text, phone call or an email, based on the preference.

Benefits of Unlimited Reminders for Healthcare Industry

Now let us have a look at the major benefits of using unlimited reminders

  • The best part is it protects your privacy. (HIPPA Compliant)
  • Cases of No-Show will reduce
  • You will have proper time to schedule appointments
  • It is user-friendly and very easy to set up
  • Multiple users can use the same account
  • Various types of appointment can be set using this
  • Reminds you of your next schedule an appointment
  • Has very good calendar access for the users with secure online booking

Improve Your Patient health & Your Revenue

Missing a doctor’s appointment can have an ill effect on your patient’s health if they are suffering from chronic disease. Their condition can get worse, hence the right approach of taking care of your patients is by sending them appointments on-time. By using the unlimited reminders your patients can improve their health and you can reduce the impact in the revenue, without putting extra efforts.

Unlimited Messages in Just $79/Month!