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5 Text Appointment Reminder Templates Every Home Service Provider Needs

How Much Do Missed Appointments Cost You?

If you run a home service business, you don’t have time to waste on unnecessary phone calls, missed appointments, or late clients. After all, time is money. And every second count.

Unfortunately, your clients don’t always feel the same urgency you do. Have you ever arrived at a home where you were supposed to do work – only to find it empty – or to discover that your client had completely forgotten about the appointment?

One missed appointment like that can completely throw off your workday (or work week).

Text Appointment Reminders: A Necessity for Home Service Providers

But you don’t have to throw your hands up in despair as if there’s nothing you can do. With the right reminder system in place, you can minimize the number of no-shows and late clients. And that adds up to a more efficient (and profitable) business for you.

Not only will text appointment reminders keep your appointment on your clients’ minds, but it will also make it easier for them to give you advanced notice if they can’t make it. And perhaps the best thing of all is the high degree of customizability that they offer. You can tailor each confirmation or reminder text to meet the needs of every appointment and job.

Whether your small home service business offers landscaping services, home repairs, house cleaning, or remodeling services, we have the text reminders you need to keep things running smoothly. And with Unlimited Reminders, it’s never been easier to implement an effective text reminder system that works – without requiring tons of oversight.

How Unlimited Reminders Can Help Home Service Providers…

When you integrate Unlimited Reminders’ robust text reminder system with your business’s calendar, you can allow your clients to book, confirm, and cancel appointments with nothing more than a text message. Our system will even extract the necessary details from each appointment and create a custom text that makes your clients feel like they’re talking to an actual human being.

So, here are customizable text messages that will get you started, no matter what part of the home service industry you’re in…

Weekly Service Reminder #1:

Service Reminder: A crew from [Name of Company] is scheduled to be at your home tomorrow at [Service Time] for your weekly [Service – e.g. lawn care, house cleaning, etc.]. Please remember to [Preparation Requirements – e.g. secure any pets, etc.]. Reply with 1 to confirm or 2 to reschedule.

Weekly Service Reminder #2:

[Name of Client],
It’s [Name of Sender] with [Name of Company]. I wanted to remind you about your weekly [Service – e.g. lawn care, house cleaning, etc.] tomorrow at [Service Time]. Press 1 to confirm your appointment. And if you need to reschedule, simply call [Phone Number].

One-Time Service Reminder #1:

[Name of Client],
One of [Name of Company]’s crews will be at [Job Site Address] tomorrow at [Service Time] for your [Service Description – e.g. window installation, drywall repair, termite inspection, etc.]. If you need to reschedule, call us at [Phone Number].

One-Time Service Reminder #2:

APPOINTMENT REMINDER: [Name of Company] would like to confirm your [Service Description – e.g. window installation, drywall repair, termite inspection, etc.], scheduled for tomorrow at [Service Time]. Press 1 to confirm or call [Phone Number] to reschedule.

One-Time Service Reminder #3:

Hey [Name of Client],
[Name of Technician/Crewmember] will be at [Job Site Address] on [Service Date] at [Service Time] to complete your [Service Description – e.g. window installation, drywall repair, termite inspection, etc.]. Press 1 to confirm. If you have any questions or need to reschedule, call [Phone Number].