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If you’re looking for the top-notch automated patient reminder system, you’ve come to the right place. Unlimited Reminders is the best choice for healthcare providers when it comes to appointment reminder software – whether you’re a doctor, dentist, physical therapist, or any other type of physician.

Unlimited Reminders can reduce patient no-shows up to 90%, and offers unlimited calls, text messages, and email reminders – with our system, your patients’ appointments won’t slip their minds and it will be impossible for your team to double-book.

This appointment reminder software is the best choice for healthcare professionals because it’s easy to use, it streamlines your schedule, and it will help your entire office function more efficiently.

About Unlimited Reminders

The last thing we want is for your entire day to be thrown off track because one patient missed their appointment. In order to help your healthcare practice work as it should, we developed our web-based appointment scheduling platform.

With Unlimited Reminders, it’s easy for your patients to remember to show up to their appointment – and if, for some reason, they can’t make it, they can simply reschedule through the app.

With no contract and a payment schedule that goes from month-to-month, your healthcare practice is allowed unlimited voice calls, text messages, and emails to send to patients to keep them updated about appointment times and follow-up reminders.

Unlimited Reminders holds your patients accountable. They’ll either remember to show up because of the consistent reminders, or be able to easily reschedule in order to save your team the headache of waiting around for someone who’s not going to show.

With our patient reminder software on your side, your business will run much more smoothly with the prospect of scheduling hiccups eliminated.


We understand that your healthcare practice already has a system that you’re used to working with. There’s no problem – Unlimited Reminders can easily integrate with that system to make your life even easier.

Unlimited Reminders is capable of seamlessly integrating with:

Office Hours Professional is a highly efficient organizational tool that is capable of reserving time slots for appointments. You can also organize these appointments by type to be as efficient as possible, eliminating the chance for any conflicts or miscommunication between practitioner and receptionist.

Medisoft is a simple system that gets more efficient with every upgrade. It’s affordable and easily accessible, with the goal of helping you manage your practice in a seamless and streamlined manner.

Lytec is aimed towards cleaning things up behind the scenes. With each update, the system functions better and more cleanly, allowing your healthcare practice to function optimally.

Unlimited Reminders integrates with each of these popular systems fluidly, with no system glitches or malfunctions. Once you implement the software, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it.

Why Unlimited Reminders?

The statistics that come along with our patient reminder software speak for themselves. After implementing Unlimited Reminders, you will see up to 90% less no-shows. Less no-shows means more paying customers – which is why you will see up to 80% in boosted profits.

Because of Unlimited Reminder’s incredible efficiency, your front desk staff will have much more time on their hands to handle other administrative tasks. They will have an 85% increase of time that’s freed up to handle things besides tracking down missing patients to get them in the office.

With Unlimited Reminders, communication is made simple. The healthcare practitioners are happy because they’re seeing patients, and patients are happy because they’re receiving the care that they need. That’s why patient satisfaction will go up 92% when using our appointment reminder software.

Another reason to use Unlimited Reminders is because our system is straightforward and extremely easy to use. No matter your level of technological expertise, we make accessibility simple.

It just takes a few keystrokes to sign up, sync your practice’s contact details, upload your calendar details, create custom messages/calls to fit your practice, and set up your dashboard. Once you’ve got that taken care of, you’re good to go to start sending reminders.

Your dashboard is the homebase of Unlimited Reminders. It’s where all your appointments are located, no matter when they’re occurring, and as soon as you upload the information for a new appointment, the patient will be notified and sent reminders leading up to the day of the appointment. You don’t have to worry about a thing after you input the appointment details.

Another reason why you should use Unlimited Reminders is because our system is run by humans. Many are turned off by automated systems because there’s no human being behind the curtain, and therefore no one to help them when they have technical difficulties. Although the Unlimited Reminders system itself is run by AI, our human staff keeps a watchful eye on how the system is working day in and day out. If there’s something that can’t be solved by our intuitive AI, that’s when our human technical support steps in and takes over. We never let a problem get out of hand – we won’t give it the chance of ruining your day.

And that’s not all. The third reason as to why you should use Unlimited Reminders is because it’s easily customizable to your business. We understand that healthcare practices are far from being ‘one size fits all,’ so your automated systems shouldn’t be that way, either. When you play around with our system, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick and see how you can personalize it to fit your specific business.


Just like you care about your customers, we care about ours. Because of this, we keep our prices affordable and fair with no contracts or hidden fees. You pay on a month-to-month basis and can cancel at any time, although we don’t think you’ll want to cancel after you see how helpful Unlimited Reminders is. You can also choose to sign on for a yearly subscription if that’s something you’re interested in.

Our unlimited plan, which is only $95/month, includes:

  • One provider (if your business has more than one provider, it’s $79/month per additional provider)
  • Unlimited message credits
  • Unlimited reminders
  • Bulk calls
  • Bulk SMS text messages
  • Email reminders
  • Custom dashboard
  • Custom messages
  • Post-appointment message

HIPAA Compliance

Since we work closely with healthcare practitioners, Unlimited Reminders understands the importance of HIPAA and confidentiality. Our system is HIPAA-compliant, sending appointment reminders to patients without compromising their privacy. HIPAA-compliance is very important to us because we understand that maintaining it is what keeps your healthcare practice running.

We are HIPAA-compliant not only to remain within the confines of the law, but in order to maintain the trust that you have with your patients. In order for them to feel safe coming to your practice, they should know that their information is protected, no matter what platform they are receiving it through.

With Unlimited Reminders, you never have to worry about privacy being breached or threatened. We send our reminders while keeping discretion, ease, and security in mind.

Unlimited Reminders and Your Practice

Unlimited Reminders is the top automated patient reminder software on the market, and it’s the only system that offers unlimited reminders with a flat monthly fee, no contracts included. Our system is simple, easily accessible, and will help to streamline the way that your healthcare practice functions on a day-to-day basis.

Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.