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Top HIPAA Compliant Appointment Reminder Software of 2021


In 2020 and into 2021, everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong at once. With so many moving parts, especially for healthcare providers, it’s hard to keep things straight. This year, that became clearer than ever. That’s why it’s imperative to have an exceptional and high-functioning appointment reminder software to keep your business not only up and running, but functioning seamlessly. 

Unlimited Reminders is an automated appointment reminder app that helps you and your team reduce no-shows by up to 90% and take the stress out of chasing down appointments. Our software, which is especially helpful for small businesses and healthcare organizations, can help you reduce empty booking slots and increase operational efficiency with a clean and orderly booking page. Our HIPAA-compliant system is easy to use, has a clean, well-designed interface and never forgets to send out reminders or even cancellation notices to individuals or in bulk messaging!

With Unlimited Reminders on your side, there will be no more worrying about cluttered calendars or forgetful patients. Your schedule is easily accessible, easily editable, and easy to use for both providers and patients alike. 

Once you choose Unlimited Reminders, you’ll wonder how your facility functioned without our streamlined application. We want to do everything in our power to make your business experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

The Best Choice for Providers

Unlimited Reminders is a great appointment reminder service for doctors because of its highly efficient HIPAA compliance. When it comes to the sensitive information shared between providers and patients, confidentiality is not only important – it’s the law.

Patients can feel at ease knowing that this HIPAA compliant appointment reminder software will never share information with those who are not authorized to have it. This includes medical conditions, prescriptions, treatment plans, and anything shared between provider and patient. Because of the peace of mind that this brings, you’ll mostly likely see patient retention rates increase.

Unlimited Reminders understands the sensitive nature of the information that health providers supply to their patients, which is why HIPAA compliance is so important to us. By using our appointment reminder system, you can feel secure in knowing that the information you share with patients won’t go anywhere besides where it’s supposed to go – directly to them. 

The types of healthcare professionals that can benefit from using our medical appointment reminder include, but are not limited to:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists


There are unlimited benefits when using Unlimited Reminders. Read on to learn more.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Even for the least technologically-literate person on your team, Unlimited Reminders will be a breeze. All you have to do is signup, sync your contact details, set your calendars, create custom messages and calls, and set up your dashboard for your patient appointments. After that, you’re all ready to rock. Your customers will be notified of their appointment on our widget via text reminders, calls, or emails.
  • There are real people behind the curtain.

Unlimited Reminders is all AI, meaning that computers automate everything you see. But through all the automation, we don’t miss any chance to keep a real eye on its functions and the support it provides you. We listen to your problems any time you want and solve them before they can even trouble you. Our customer service and support team is there for you 24/7; we’re just a call away. 

  • It’s customizable!

Unlimited Reminders’ flowing and seamless interface rids you of rigid, hard-to-grasp appointment reminding software. You can play around its simple functions and get addicted to its quick system within a day – you won’t just find it efficient, it’s also pretty fun to use. You can customize its features to best fit your practice and your patients, and you’ll soon wonder how you were functioning without all this customization.

  • It reduces no-shows. 

The last thing that any busy doctor needs is a patient that doesn’t show up. You’ve already got a packed day on your hands, and a dead slot that could have been filled with another person trying to make an appointment is a nuisance that can be easily avoided. This appointment reminder service for doctors reduces no-shows up to 90% and will greatly decrease the amount of time that you spend waiting around for patients who let the appointment slip their mind. 

  • It creates an organized schedule.

Many practitioners out there are using outdated, clunky workflows that tend to lose information in the fray. With Unlimited Reminders, that won’t happen. No matter how full your schedule is, no matter how heavily you’re booked, our HIPAA compliant appointment reminder will stay on top of things and make sure that you (and your patients) do, too. Our software will save time and decrease your no-show rate.

  • There’s no contract required.

We trust that you’ll love Unlimited Reminders so much that we don’t make you sign a thing. No contract is required. Our Unlimited package is a month-to-month or year-to-year subscription. You can easily cancel at any time (but we don’t think you’ll want to) – given that we’re the best appointment scheduling software around.


Along with being super customizable and simple to use, Unlimited Reminders comes with a slew of other great features for medical practices as well. 

  • Unlimited everything.

No matter what type of reminder you choose – whether that’s one type or all of them – you get unlimited everything. Our doctor appointment reminder sends unlimited phone calls, unlimited text messages (SMS), and unlimited email reminders, too. The software allows patients to schedule appointments, sends reminders to patients leading up to their appointment, gives them a place to reschedule, a place to notify providers of cancellations, a hub for referrals, and it will also send them reminders for any upcoming appointments and follow-ups after the fact.

  • It integrates easily.

We understand that you might already have a management system in which your practice runs – and that you like that system. The good news is that our appointment scheduling software integrates easily with a number of popular systems. These systems include:

  • Lytec
    • Lytec® (powered by eMDs) is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new release, it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added.
  • Medisoft
    • Medisoft© is an advanced practice management and medical billing software, designed to help streamline your practice. Loaded with awesome features, Medisoft has been the most popular medical billing program on the market for the past two decades.
  • Office Hours Professional
    • Office Hours® Professional allows you to set up an appointment template to reserve time slots for certain types of appointments. It allows you to organize appointments to make the most efficient use of the practitioner’s time.

On the patient side of things, the Unlimited Reminders mobile app also works well with Google Calendar and Outlook, whether patients have an Android or an iPhone. Compliance of this scheduling tool with these service providers boosts patient engagement and allows a steady flow of communication for customer support and online appointment scheduling/rescheduling in real time.

  • It’s HIPAA compliant.

As previously stated, Unlimited Reminders has a deep understanding for how integral it is that a practice does not come close to any HIPAA violations. Our HIPAA compliant appointment reminder makes sure that something like that never happens. Two-way communication traded between doctor and patient, from wellness to treatment plans, stays between the doctor and patient – all this while making online booking incredibly easy.


As with anything else on the market, Unlimited Reminders does have competitors out there. But we’re confident enough in our product that we can easily say that our service is far and above what they have to offer.

As for AppointmentReminders.com, they don’t offer the same wide array of integrations that we do. We pride ourselves in seamlessly joining an already-existing interface of a practice instead of creating something that is difficult for staff members to get used to. 

The same can be said for AppointmentReminder.org. Because of the lack of information that they share on their website, we couldn’t help but wonder how transparent they’d be with customers. 

Apptoto.com doesn’t boast the same integrations with Lytec and Medisoft that we do, either. 

Also – take a look at pricing. What Unlimited Reminders can say that no other competitor can is that we offer one flat price for unlimited everything – messaging, emails, and calls. None of our competitors can boast such an awesome fact. 

We want to make life easier for you. Check out our appointment reminder service for doctors and clinicians today to see just how simple the everyday can be.