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Best Automated Healthcare Appointment Reminder Software

When it comes to healthcare reminders, Unlimited Reminders is by far the best appointment reminder software choice for medical practices and healthcare providers. No matter if you’re a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or anything in between, our reminder service system is the way to go. 

Unlimited Reminders reduces patient/appointment no-shows, among a list of other benefits including unlimited calls, text messages, and email reminders. Once your business implements Unlimited Reminders, you’ll never go back. Our future is with you!

About Us

Our mission is centered around the fact that we won’t ever let your customers forget appointments or leave you hanging. 

We’re a web-based appointment scheduling platform that can bring your business to the next level through our reminder system. Our reminders keep your customers coming back because we don’t relent until your clients show up for their appointment. 

Gone are the days of no-calls/no-shows, because we won’t let that happen. We live up to our name – through our system, you can send UNLIMITED reminders through text, email, or voice messages/ call messaging. And there’s no contract included! You can pay month-to-month, or yearly, and if you’re unsatisfied or looking to move on, you can cancel at any time.

Unlimited Reminders is a step into the future when it comes to customer accountability. We care about your customers just as much as you do, and want them to receive the service they’re scheduled for. We also care about you and the business you provide. With Unlimited Reminders on your side, your business will run smoothly and efficiently. 

Our system easily integrates with major platforms, such as:

After introducing Unlimited Reminders to your organization, you will see a decrease in the no-show rate with 90% less no-shows and up to 80% boosted profits. When it comes to administrative tasks, you will see an increase of 85% time freed up for other basic tasks that don’t involve chasing your customers down and trying to cement them in for their appointment. All of this along with 92% patient satisfaction makes for a great partnership. 

We offer one unlimited plan – hence our name, Unlimited Reminders, but if you’re looking to utilize our system for multiple providers, you can contact us for discounted pricing on your scheduling software.

Why Use Unlimited Reminders?

First of all, our system is incredibly easy to use – even if you don’t consider yourself technologically savvy! We make it easy for everyone. With the click of a few buttons, you can sign up, sync your own contact details, set your online calendars, create custom messages and calls, and set up your dashboard. Your dashboard is the place where all of your appointments are located – whether they’re taking place next week or next month. Once you input all of this information, your customer will be notified of their appointment and then be sent subsequent reminders leading up to the actual day that appointment is set to happen. 

Secondly, our system is run by humans! A lot of people run into roadblocks and get frustrated when dealing with automated systems because they’re unresponsive and not very intuitive. Unlimited Reminders is, in fact, run by AI (it would be pretty hard to keep up with every single last appointment if everything were up to humans to automate), but our extremely human staff keeps a steady eye on how things are going. If you happen to run into a roadblock that can’t be solved by our AI, we’ll step in and fix it right up before it can ruin your day. Our customer service team is there to provide support any day, anytime, through two-way communication. We want your experience with us to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We want to improve your life, not make it harder!

The third reason as to why you should use Unlimited Reminders is because you can personalize it. The rigid, stodgy reminder systems are a thing of the past. Unlimited Reminders is far from stodgy, and you might even find yourself having fun while playing around with our system. Guaranteed, you’ll get the hang of it within a day and love the customization – this way you can customize it to fit your exact needs. 

The fourth reason (and certainly one we know you’ll appreciate) is the fact Unlimited Reminders’ system affords you the opportunity to select all your appointments and send them a text or call all at one time. This capability alone will save you time and money and represents a key differentiating quality of our platform vs. others.


Unlimited Reminders can be integrated with a number of existing systems, and we can do so seamlessly. 

Office Hours Professional is a template that allows you to reserve time slots for certain types of appointments with automation. Not only this, it also allows you to organize said appointments to make the best use of the practitioner’s time – erasing any confusion, miscommunication, and/or scheduling conflicts. 

Medisoft/Medisoft Cloud is a practice management solution made simple. With every update and upgrade, it gets better and easier to use. Its goal is to simplify the way a practice is run while being affordable at the same time. 

Lytec/Lytec Cloud is also geared towards simplifying a practice and the way that things are run behind-the-scenes. Just when you think the system can’t get better, a new update brings improvements and heightened functionality. 


At Unlimited Reminders, keeping our prices affordable is very important to us. It’s just as important as keeping our interface simple and easy-to-use! All of our prices are transparent, with no hidden fees. You can pay on a month-to-month basis, or obtain a yearly subscription. No matter which plan you choose, you can cancel at any time. (We don’t think you’re going to want to, though.) 

Our unlimited plan is only $95 per month! That unlimited plan includes:

  • One provider (contact us if you’d like to service multiple providers – we can talk about discounted prices! – it’s $79/ per month per additional provider.)
  • Unlimited message credits
  • Unlimited patient appointment reminders 
  • Bulk phone calls
  • Bulk SMS text messages/text message reminders
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Email reminders
  • Custom dashboard
  • Custom messages
  • Post appointment message for follow-ups

All Services

When it comes to automated reminder systems, the first provider that comes to mind is probably a doctor’s office. While we do proudly service healthcare providers, they are far from our only clients when it comes to online booking and other services.

Following is a list of all types of clients that we serve:

  • Education services
  • Legal services
  • Health services
  • Salon and spa
  • Real estate
  • Counseling/therapy

Education Services

Students already have plenty going on in their lives. From school, to sports, to extracurriculars, to tutoring, their minds are extremely full and they tend to keep pretty busy. Such a full brain can cause important details (like upcoming appointments) to be forgotten! We want to put a stop to that.

Whether it’s an appointment for a tutoring session, a dentist’s appointment, or a soccer game, we want to keep students in the know. There will be no more using that ‘I forgot’ excuse, because Unlimited Reminders makes that pretty impossible. We’ll send notifications and appointment reminders so there’s no way anything can go unseen. There’s no way students can miss out with our text messaging reminders. With students, we’re equally as relentless as that teacher who just won’t give up until they get those allotted hours of community service turned in. 

Legal Services

Everyone knows that lawyers lead extremely hectic lives, and they almost always have a lot going on. Typically, they’re juggling about 25 things, and 10 of those things are probably on fire. We’re here to help (and maybe put some fires out while we’re at it).

We work with any and all types of lawyers, civil and criminal. Our program helps lawyers stay in contact with their clients without having to keep track of all the different appointment dates, and you can also allow the app to schedule appointments with clients for you. Our system creates more time in a busy lawyer’s day by doing the reminding, so they don’t have to. Instead of having to manually call or text their clients, lawyers can rely on Unlimited Reminders to make sure that nothing gets missed. Lawyers already have enough on their plate. The last thing they need is a client who’s a no-show, ruining the whole flow of their day. Unlimited Reminders won’t let your clients forget.

Health Services

Something extremely important about Unlimited Reminders is the fact that we understand the critical nature of HIPAA and how crucial client confidentiality is. That’s why our system is HIPAA-compliant. We provide appointment reminders to patients without hindering their privacy, and we do so with discretion and ease. Our system keeps track of both EMRs and EHRs, so that’s one less thing for doctors to worry about. 

Missing out on an appointment can cause problems for both the patient and the doctor. In the patient’s case, they might have waited a while to find a time that their doctor could see them, and by letting the appointment slip their mind, they gave up that rare opportunity. In a doctor’s case, their schedules are very intricate and layered specifically so all patients fit in seamlessly within a day. When one patient misses their slot, it causes a train wreck that clogs up the rest of the schedule and throws off the mindset and routine. 

That’s what Unlimited Reminders is here for: to send patients automated texts, calls, and emails, so annoying mixups can be avoided. 

Salons and Spa

If you’re someone who works at a salon or a spa, you understand how important client retention is. If you forget about a client and their appointment, it’s unlikely that they’re going to want to come back. If that happens, they’ll probably just search for someone else who meets their needs. Unlimited Reminders will never let you forget about a client, which can mean only great things for your small business. By always being on time and prepared for whatever your client has in store, you put across the message that your salon cares about the people that it serves, and customers will keep coming back – and recommending you to family and friends!

On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s constantly missing your salon appointments because you can’t keep up with your busy calendar (we know how clogged things can get in Google calendar and Outlook), Unlimited Reminders can help you out. There’s no way you can forget about your next haircut or wax appointment thanks to our calling, texting, and emailing services. 

Real Estate

There’s almost nothing more irritating than a no-show when it comes to real estate. As a Realtor, you worked hard on making sure the house that you’re showing is in tip-top shape and ready to be presented to the client with an appointment. When that client doesn’t show up, all it tells you is that your hard work was put forth for nothing, and it’s impossible for any sale to come from a no-show. 

With Unlimited Reminders, there won’t be any more no-shows. We make it impossible for clients to forget, and if they need to cancel, they can do so easily through our system, not in a way that catches you off guard or ruins your entire day.


Therapy makes a huge difference in patients’ lives. By implementing Unlimited Reminders, you can reduce your no-show patients up to 90%. It’s understandable that sometimes in life, things come up that are unavoidable, and that’s okay. No one understands that concept better than a therapist, which is why cancellations within our system are quick and easy. Therapists won’t have to sit in their office, waiting for a client who doesn’t plan on coming at all. This takes away the stress from both the therapist and the patient, and we all could use a little less stress in our lives. 

Final Thoughts

Unlimited Reminders is the only automated appointment reminder system that offers unlimited opportunities with a flat monthly fee and no long-term contracts. Our service is easy to use, helpful beyond measure, and creates a seamless, flowing system for both business owners and their clients. Let us help you streamline your future, and contact us today.