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5 Ways Realtor Can Use Text Reminders to Improve Their Business

If you’re a realtor, you know that there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. You’ve got showings to make, paperwork to finish, and a constant stream of phone calls and text messages to deal with. But what if you could eliminate some of the most tedious parts of your job while saving time and strengthening your client relationships?

With text reminders, you can do just that.

Real estate teams who have implemented text message reminders have seen lead responses increase by over 50%. And the number of hours saved is incalculable. So, how can text reminders help your real estate team achieve more?

Appointment Reminder Save Time

Have you ever arrived for viewing and watched ten- or twenty-minutes tick by while you wait for your client to show? Or even worse, have you ever waited for someone, only to call them and hear, “I’m so sorry! I got busy and totally forgot about the appointment!” How much time do you spend waiting on clients each year?

With appointment reminders, you can send automated text messages to your clients at specific times before a meeting so that they’ll be more likely to arrive on time. Once you set things up, your reminders will go out automatically, ensuring your precious time isn’t wasted.

Text Reminders Improve Your Realtor Reputation

In addition to sending out a reminder for a viewing or closing appointment, you can also set up text reminders to go out after your clients have finished buying or selling their home. Why? So you can request a review or testimonial.

In today’s always-online world, reviews and testimonials are more important than ever. And yet, it’s often difficult to get clients to follow through with them. But by sending a friendly, personalized reminder to leave a review, you can drastically increase the amount of positive feedback you get for your website and promotional material.

Text Reminders Improve Realtor – Client Relationships

Automated text reminders are a great way to improve your overall client relationships. Not only are text messages easy to send and receive, but they’re also preferred by many people today (especially young people). And clients are more likely to read and respond to them. So, take advantage of text reminders to build stronger connections with your clients.

A Text Message Reminder Example

To show you just how simple it is for your realty office to get started with text message reminders, check out the following templates that you can use to automatically remind clients about upcoming appointments…

Hey [First Name],

I just wanted to remind you that we’ll be meeting at [Address] today at [Time of Showing] for the showing. I can’t wait to see what you think of this home. If you need to cancel or reschedule, simply give me a call.

It’s that simple. Just create a template, input your client data, and set your appointments to go out. In no time, you’ll discover all of the benefits mentioned above and more.

If you’d like to learn more about how your realty office can benefit from text message reminders, contact the team at Unlimited Reminders today by e-mailing [E-MAIL ADDRESS]. We look forward to helping you build a stronger real estate business!