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Top 10 Best Apps for Small Business Owners

Running a small business can be very challenging because you tend to encounter several challenges during every step you take. You are not only the pioneer of the business but also in charge. Hence, every issue faced by the employees, the payroll business, and any other thing that is a part of businesses comes under you. In case any employee is not satisfied with something. You will be the main person handling it and not someone else because you are the owner. If at some point you feel overwhelmed by the tremendous demands that keep coming your way. Take a deep breath and relax. Fortunately, there are numerous best apps for small business owners, that can enable you to manage business tasks & more.

Whether it is managing to-do lists, delegating tasks to the employees or staying on top of your business expenses. These apps have it all covered. Gone are those days where apps were only downloaded to play games or have fun. Today, there is an entire stock of apps that can be downloaded by young entrepreneurs to help them with their business. Especially when you are sure of the fact that you will have no extra time in your hands to take care of all the extra work previously mentioned.

Why do everything all by yourself when the applications can do it for you? It will help you save time, energy and the headache of doing everything alone. Moreover, most of the apps are free to download and do not cost even a single penny. After all, one of the best apps for small business owners is that which costs nothing!

What Are the best apps for small businesses?

Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities, hence small business apps are required to keep you up to date. Small business apps such as those that give you automated reminders, so you don’t forget about the daily meetings and schedules. Hence, we have listed down applications that you can download, which will surely benefit your business.

Best Apps for Productivity

The first thing that signifies the worth of the business is how productive it is, despite the size and type of the business. Small business productivity apps help you do so, below are a few best apps for productivity:


Evernote is the best app for small business owners & has two categories. The first one, which can be downloaded for free and has several features. The features include clipping bits of information from the internet, which can be tagged as well for easy searching. You can also alter them by adding and embedding videos, pictures and audios however you like. Evernote can also be used for journaling, recipes (in case you own a food business) and even storage of contacts. However, the second version, which is the business version costs $12 per month and includes administrator control and unlimited storage.


Surely everyone must have witnessed this in their daily lives. They find something very important either over the internet or somewhere else and do not get the time to read it or go through it right away. In case you find Evernote very devastating and too tech savvy. Pocket enables you to save videos, articles and anything else that catches your eye online so that you can go through it later. If you are ever tired of social networking at night, but you still want to do something productive or interesting, Pocket might help you out. Moreover, the best part about this application is that you do not require the internet to go through the saved items, and even better, it’s free!

Best apps for Budgeting

The key to a successful business is a tracked budget, and if you’ve been looking for the best apps for budgeting follow the list below.


Mint helps you keep your small business under a regulated budget through its weekly reports. You can set up your budget according to the type, get bank statements and credit reports as well.

Good Budget

Good Budget has more to offer compared to Mint. Although the application is complicated when it comes to using or learning it, it keeps your budget tracked and in good hands.


The benefit of using Wally is that it enables the entrepreneurs to scan receipts and directly incorporate them into their financial planning. It saves them from the hassle of waiting to sync the statements with your bank and entering them manually.

Best Apps for Banking

Banking apps help small business owners overcome the hassle of restricted bank hours and visiting the bank for every finance work that they have to do.


Are you sick of banks and the issues that come with their slow, complicated applications? Simple is a new, easy to use application that also gets rid of cobwebs and helps you a lot when it comes to saving money.

Best Customer Management Apps


Any program that is loyal to the customers does wonders, and that is a fact. Hence, you need belly in your business, which has the potential to take your business to another level. Other than the email analytics software and social media marketing, they offer a loyalty program that is custom tailored. So, if any of your customers prefer something specific or love an item, you can design it according to their needs and requirements. That will also improve your chances of repeated customers because satisfied customers always come back.

App Suite

Just like Belly, App Suite enables you to design specific loyalty programs based on your customer’s interests. It is a win-win situation for both making it one of the best small business apps!

Accounting Apps

Gone are the days when we have to worry about the questions like; “How do I do simple bookkeeping for my small business?“. In 2019, whether you are a professional accountant or not, the use of some simple accounting apps can help you to manage your bookkeeping needs. These type of accounting and bookkeeping apps are the best apps for small business owners because the majority of them cannot afford to hire a full-time accountant.

Quick Books

This application can change the game really quick. It can track anything from profits to losses, to payrolls, and any other services. However, even if you do hire an accountant at some point, it is always better to keep all the records, funds and expenses digitally managed. It saves time and enables your accountant to provide better services.

Best Business Communication Apps

Business communication apps enable small business owners to stay up to date on what everyone is doing and serves as an immediate mode of communication between you and your workers.

Skype for Business

Skype for business has the option of offering meetings with up to 250 people. It also has an integration with MS office, chats and file transfers. Moreover, MS office offers Skype as a part of their business plan package. The price ranges from $8.25 per month to $10 per month on a monthly basis.

Final Thoughts

Self-established and startup business come with a lot of challenges, and if you don’t get things right the first time, chances are that your business will die down soon. Therefore, there are plenty of best apps for small business owners that can make your life easier. Especially if you cannot afford to increase the number of employees at the very beginning.

These apps help small business owners save money, time, and simplifies your business to a great extent.