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How Can Appointment Reminder Software Help Healthcare Providers?

How Automated Appointment Reminder Software Can Help Your Healthcare Practice

Every year, the U.S. healthcare system loses over $1.5 billion due to missed appointments. No-shows negatively impact revenue, and they take away valuable time slots from other patients who could use them. Reducing your amount of no-shows requires evaluating the way you connect with your clients and making patient communication and outreach easier, quicker and more efficient. 

Unlimited Reminders is a HIPAA-compliant automated appointment reminder software built for a variety of industries, from real estate and counseling to education and medical practices. It offers a personalized dashboard, unlimited messaging and customization to reduce your no-shows by over 90%, consequently increasing your customer satisfaction rates. Here’s how appointment reminder apps can help healthcare providers. 

Save Time, Money and Resources 

On average, healthcare systems experience a no-show rate of about 18%. While that may not seem like a high number, it translates to billions in lost revenue. It’s up to the staff to handle the rescheduling effort, wasting valuable time and resources that could be allocated elsewhere. 

Many no-shows are due to clients accidentally forgetting about their scheduled appointment or having a last-minute issue pop up. Both of these issues can be effectively handled through appointment reminder software. In addition to reminding clients about their appointments in real time, the reminders often include a cancellation option so clients can easily inform you if they can no longer make their appointments. This lets you give that appointment time to another patient, which prevents a loss of revenue and increases your customer satisfaction rate. 

Appointment reminder apps don’t just save revenue in the long run; they also make day-to-day activities easier for your staff. Relying on an automated system to handle appointment reminders eliminates the need for a physical staff member to perform this task, which gives your staff more time to focus on other matters, like face-to-face patient engagement. Moreover, if you streamline your appointment information to a single device, you can operate more efficiently, increasing workflow. For example, instead of having to shuffle through files of paperwork to find EHRs and EMRs (electronic health and medical records), staff can easily check this information through the appointment reminder system. 

Another advantage of going paperless is the environmental effects. Digitization doesn’t just make work easier; it actively benefits the environment by reducing the amount of paper you waste. Moreover, people are more inclined to support organizations that contribute to the greater good, which means automation can also elevate your reputation. 

Curate Your Customers’ Experience

One of the best ways to turn a new patient into a repeat one is through good customer service. Patient appointment reminders do more than just alert clients to their upcoming appointments; they can be personally tailored to meet the client’s needs, giving them a unique patient experience and helping them engage in the process. Clients can choose the platform through which they want to receive reminders, such as phone calls, email reminders or text message reminders. Someone who’s busy during the day would definitely appreciate the option to receive reminders through SMS messages as opposed to calls, but someone not well-versed in technology might opt for a good old-fashioned phone call. 

Appointment reminder apps can also remind a client about their specific requirements; for instance, these messages can remind patients to comply with dietary restrictions, refrain from taking certain medications or bring identification with them. This reduces the chances of having to reschedule due to a mistake, which burdens your staff and leaves the client unhappy. 

Most clients enjoy a combination of quality and convenience when it comes to services, and the right appointment reminder software can offer both. Many appointment reminder apps let clients perform a variety of functions from the convenience of a single device, which saves time on both ends. These functions include: 

  • Online booking and appointment scheduling 
  • Canceling appointments
  • Scheduling follow-ups
  • Submitting payments through credit card

By conducting these operations digitally, the client doesn’t have to make multiple phone calls just to get their appointments figured out and your staff doesn’t necessarily have to contact the client to deliver quality patient care. 

Appointment reminder texts aren’t just for the patient; they also let healthcare providers communicate with the client, making it a two-way street. Delays are unfortunate, but they’re sometimes inevitable. However, there’s no reason a patient should have to sit around in a waiting room for hours. Appointment reminder software can also send out automated updates, letting your patients know the status of the appointment in real time and preserving their valuable time. 

By elevating your reputation through enhanced customer service, appointment reminder software keeps your customers happy and upholds the reputation of your business. 

Integrate Your System 

Integrating a new system into your workplace is usually associated with technical issues. New software might clash with your devices, and it can be difficult for staff to learn how to use it in a timely manner. To eliminate these potential problems, Unlimited Reminders seamlessly integrates into commonplace practice management software, such as Medisoft and Lytec clinical and medical billing software. This includes EMDs and the cloud.

In addition to Medisoft and Lytec, Unlimited Reminders works with Office Hours Professional. If you’re not familiar with any of these integrations, we can create a custom integration for your needs. Our goal is to help you connect with your patients as quickly and effortlessly as possible, which means adapting to your existing system functionality. 

Unlimited Reminders 

Unlimited Reminders doesn’t just claim to decrease your patient no-shows and elevate your business; we have the numbers to prove it. In addition to reducing the no-show rate by over 90%, our automated appointment reminder software saves time by 85%, increases patient satisfaction to 92% and boasts an 80% profit increase. With these numbers, you can expect to earn back your investment and then some. 

We don’t force you into a long-term contract like some appointment reminder apps. Pricing is set at a rate of $95 per month or $1,140 per year and comes with unlimited messages and instant reminders. In addition to being compatible with numerous practice management systems and communication platforms, our appointment reminder software is encrypted to guarantee the safety of your systems. You don’t have to jump in blindly; we offer a 30-day free trial so you can see how it works firsthand. Automate your appointment reminders with Unlimited Reminders and start enjoying higher earnings, saved time and a better reputation!