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How CPAs Can Use Text Reminders to Beat the Busy Season

2021 is just around the corner. And that means that tax season will be here before you know it. While knowing that you’ll have steady work for a few months is great, the way it hits you usually isn’t.

People wait until the last minute to make an appointment… Others show up at your office without the required paperwork… Still, others make an appointment and promptly disappear. But you can cut down on all three of these problems with an effective text reminder strategy.

Appointment reminders allow you to stay better connected with your clients, so business runs more smoothly. Simply take advantage of some of the following text reminder tips for your tax preparation services and you’ll be able to streamline 2021’s busy season so you don’t suffer from no-shows, unprepared clients, and last-minute appointments.

Tip #1 for CPAs – Send Out a Text Reminder to Past Clients

One of the easiest ways to ensure your old clients don’t bombard you with appointment requests in late March is to send out a text reminder early. Most people go to the same person for their taxes, year after year. So, there’s a good chance that many of your 2020 clients will be calling during 2021.

By proactively sending out a text reminder to those clients, you’ll be able to spread your work out over several months. In addition, you’ll ensure that your old clients haven’t forgotten about you.

This is something every CPA & Tax Firm should plan to do in the first month or two of the new year. Simply fill in the text template below and set a date to send it to all of your 2020 clients…

Text Reminder for Past Clients

[Name of Client],

Tax season is here! But you don’t have to face it alone. I’ll help you get your taxes done sooner this year so you can get that refund back. Just give me a call at [Phone Number] to schedule an appointment.

– [Name of CPA]

Tip #2 for CPAs – Send Out a Text Reminder Before Appointments

When a client shows up for a tax preparation consultation and doesn’t have the necessary paperwork – it can be a time-waster for both of you. But that’s not the only way CPAs lose valuable time. Missed appointments can cause a chain reaction that leaves your entire day off-kilter. That’s why sending out a text reminder before any appointments is crucial for streamlining things and saving time.

And with Unlimited Reminders, doing this is incredibly simple.

All you have to do is fill in the template below and schedule it to go out the day before your meeting. That way, your client will have no excuse for arriving late or failing to bring everything they need to make your appointment as productive as possible.

Text Reminder for Tax Preparation Consultation

[Name of Client],

This is [Name of CPA]. I wanted to remind you of our appointment tomorrow at [Time]. Make sure to bring your [Include Any Necessary Paperwork Here – e.g. Past Tax Returns, W-2s, etc.]. If you need to reschedule, give me a call at [Phone Number].


Text reminders can revolutionize the way you do business – and Unlimited Reminders can help. Contact us today at (855) 533 1414 to discover how easy it is to streamline your client communication process, allowing you to cut down on late clients, no-shows, and unproductive appointments.