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Why Tax Firms & CPAs Need Text Message Reminders

Tax Day may be April 15, but that’s not the only important day on a tax firm’s or CPA’s calendar. Individual filers need to prepare their documents long before Tax Day comes. Appointments need to be made. Small businesses need to remember their quarterly payments. The tax business is more than one day a year.

With text message reminders, you can build greater trust with your clients by reminding them of any important tax-related dates, and by making it easy to schedule any tax prep appointments. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of spreading out your appointment calendar so you don’t end up with a whole wave of last-minute appointments and work.

To put it simply, text messages can help streamline a tax firm’s or CPA’s business. And with Unlimited Reminders, taking advantage of automated text message reminders has never been easier.

Why Choose Text Message Over Other Options?

When considering your options, you may wonder why you should send out text message reminders over other, more traditional methods. In the past, CPAs and tax firms would send out a letter via the USPS, make a telephone call, or even send an e-mail. And why these are all fine ways to stay connected with your customers, text messages are almost always a better way.

Just consider the fact that…

  • Your customers read 90% of received text messages within three seconds.
  • Your customers read nearly 100% of text messages in their entirety.

Compare those statistics with the fact that 60% of e-mails sent within the finance industry are never opened. And snail mail? Everyone knows that gets thrown in the trash. Even telephone calls are less likely to be answered or responded to.

Text messages are the fastest, most reliable, and most effective way to communicate with your clients – especially for brief messages like reminders.

What’s the Best Way to Use Text Messages for Tax Clients?

One benefit of using a text message reminder service like Unlimited Reminders is that you can craft entire funnels to send clients through, optimizing your business’s efficiency. Create a campaign that goes out to past clients, reminding them of any upcoming dates and offering a link they can click to book an appointment. Once they’ve scheduled their meeting, we can move them directly to a campaign that reminds them about their meeting, ensures they bring the necessary documentation, and even gives them the ability to cancel or reschedule in the case of an emergency. You can completely customize the text message reminder campaigns so they fit individual tax filers, small businesses, or anyone else that needs your services.

And if you’re not sure what to say in your text message reminders, you can use some of our pre-made templates. We have text message templates that you can tailor for your practice and services, ensuring they say exactly what you need them to.

If you’d like to learn more about how Unlimited Reminders can streamline your business and help your clients stay on top of their tax preparations, click here to contact us today!