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The 5 Appointment Reminder Templates Every Auto Shop Needs

Text Message Reminders: The Key to a Successful Auto Shop

If your auto shop is going to experience the success you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll need to strive for maximum efficiency. After all, your business’s revenue wholly depends on how many vehicles you can get in and out – as quickly as possible.

That’s why a quality scheduling system is an absolute necessity for any auto shop worth it’s salt. And the best way to implement a scheduling system that boosts efficiency and keeps your customers and employees happy is with text message-based appointment reminders.

But text reminders won’t just keep the cars moving through your shop at a steady pace. They’ll also enable you to…

  • Quickly reschedule appointments that would’ve ended up as no-shows.
  • Minimize the number of latecomers and no-shows your shop currently sees.
  • Always keeps your customers in the loop.
  • And more…

How Text Message Reminders Can Benefit Your Auto Shop

Our lives are more hectic than ever. Today, people are being pulled in dozens of different directions. And it’s easy to let an appointment slip through the cracks.

With text message reminders for your auto shop, you can drastically reduce the number of people who forget about their automotive appointments. By scheduling a confirmation text as well as text reminders on the day before the appointment, you’ll ensure your customers make it to your shop on time. And if something comes up, they can quickly and easily reschedule.

But if you’re going to make full use of text message reminders, you’ll need to have the right messages in place. So, here are five appointment reminder templates that you can begin using today when you sign up for Unlimited Reminders…

Automotive Service Appointment Reminders:

  1. Hey [Recipient’s First Name]. It’s [Name of Shop] reminding you about tomorrow’s [Name of Service] appointment at [Time of Appointment]. It shouldn’t take more than about [Estimated Time of Service] minutes. Reply with 1 to confirm or 2 to reschedule.
  2. REMINDER: [Name of Service] appointment at [Name of Shop] tomorrow at [Time of Appointment]. Reply with 1 to confirm or 2 to reschedule.
  3. Ready for your tune-up? It’s [Name of Shop], reminding you that you have a [Name of Service] appointment tomorrow at [Time of Appointment]. Make sure to [Include Any Important Instructions]. If you need to reschedule, reply with ‘reschedule’.
  4. *Appointment Reminder* – You have a [Name of Service] appointment tomorrow at [Time of Appointment]. Call [Phone Number] to reschedule.
  5. Don’t forget! You have a [Name of Service] appointment tomorrow at [Time of Appointment] with [Name of Shop]. Please reply with ‘reschedule’ or call [Phone Number] to reschedule.

If none of these templates matches your brand voice perfectly, feel free to mix and match pieces until you’ve got the ideal text message reminder for your auto shop. Whether you focus on tires, bodywork, or general repairs, a fully integrated text message reminder system can go a long way toward keeping your business running smoothly.

And Unlimited Reminders makes it easier than ever to get your text message reminder system implemented into your customer workflow. So, give us a call at 855-533-1414 or e-mail us at info@unlimitedreminders.com to learn more about how we can help you maximize your auto shop’s efficiency.

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